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ITV has released a new trailer for its much awaited new comedy ‘Vicious’.

The brand new studio sitcom stars respected luminaries of British stage and screen Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi and Frances de la Tour.

‘Vicious’ tells the story of ageing partners, Freddie (McKellen) and Stuart (Jacobi), two men who have lived together in a small Covent Garden flat for nearly 50 years. Freddie was a budding actor and Stuart a barman when they first met but their careers are now pretty much over and their lives now consist of reading books, walking their dog and bickering….

Joining Freddie and Stuart is feisty best friend Violet (De La Tour). She’s young at heart with a delicious sense of humour and always on hand to calm Freddie and Stuart down during one of their many arguments.

And their worlds are turned upside down with the arrival of a young man, Ash, as their new upstairs neighbour.

‘Vicious’ airs on ITV soon.

Watch the trailer below…

3 thoughts on “Watch: Ian McKellen & Derek Jacobi in ITV comedy ‘Vicious’ Trailer

  1. I would like to say that I love this show. Sure it is loosely written but that doesn’t matter. It is the message it sends out. I knew 2 men in a relationship but they coukd not live together. Officially they live across from one another. So sad they couldn’t get married. Then one day one of them passed away. His partner was terribly grief stricken. Of course everyone knew they were partners,but could not show it in public,they were both school teachers so It would of cost them their jobs. I always felt it was so wrong not to let them be a couple. The survivor has carried on but to keep you relationship a secret all those yrs was such an injustice. Thank God the laws are finally changed and people can love whom ever they want. On another note, I was on a cruise a few yrs ago and I met 2 very nice gay men. We had a blast. You see my husband passed away and they were so understanding and protective. I told them the story of my friends and they said it was so terrible to keep everything hidden. You see we need shows like this, to show that everyone is the same. Even my parents which are in their 90s have accepted that love should be celebrated in the open. And my dad was against the life style for his life and for him to sit and watch a show about 2 gay men well that is something. I think the reason I like it is because it’s not overtly political.it is just about their relationship and so dam funny.Keep up the greet work. Diane Williamson.

  2. This looks brilliant…2 actors at the top of their game and the marvellous Frances De La Tour I’m half expecting the late and very great Leonard Rossiter to walk through he door, shouting ‘Miss Jones!’ Timing and delivery…spot on!♥

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