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12 teaser lines of dialogue for ‘Merlin: With All My Heart’

» “Why dont you kill me?”

» “I’m not sulking, I’m carrying a load a horse would struggle under.”

» “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

» “I am not strong enough to defeat you Morgana.”

» “Have no fear, I will not divulge your secret!”

» “I smell the stench of enmity.”

» “Who’s this old crone?”

» “Merlin, the only person whoever doubts your powers is you!”

» “That may very well be grounds for treason.”

» “Oh. The gangly boy”

» “I dont know Arthur she’s a sorceress she’s not going to be normal is she!”

» “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

» “You’d be amazed how much license old age lends you sire.”

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