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12 teaser lines of dialogue for ‘Last Tango In Halifax’

‘Last Tango In Halifax’ continues on BBC One on Tuesday, 4th December at 9pm. Here’s 12 teasers to whet your appetite…

» “I don’t know what normal relationships are like.  I see them, but I don’t know how to do them.”

» “Don’t you dare fill his head with rubbish about me.”

» “And he’s listening to the BLOODY Archers – I’ve got to go!”

» “Every time he opens his mouth, you can see him thinking:  I was born an arse, I’ll die an arse, but at least I know I’m an arse”

» “I’d have to buy a toothbrush.”

» “Odd…that thing you said about me mother…not giving you that note.”

» “Oh, she’s having a little coven in the garden, with some insipid little witch that she works with”

» “Next time, give the weedy little twat a wide berth.”

» “So, I guess the engagements off eh.”

» “We thought he might like the trade!”

» “I’m talking about sex!”

» “You rang me up… after you dumped me!”