1 2 mins 12 yrs

Bob and his family are left reeling when a routine brain scan reveals a serious problem.

The news causes Bob to evaluate his life and deal with some secret, unresolved issues which writing a cheque simply can’t solve. As he awaits a second opinion his fellow lottery winners seek help via the internet and uncover someone overseas which could prove to be his only option. It’s up to Bob now and the decisions he makes in the immediate future will dictate the path of his life.

The police investigation into the robbery continues and Bob starts to remember details, putting more pressure on Stuart and Jamie. But while Jamie is convinced that he’s untouchable after his lottery win, Stuart’s not so sure.

Bob’s problem forces Stuart and Leanne to seek solace in their friendship but Stuart gets worried when she hints she’ll move away.

Bob is played by Timothy Spall, Stuart is played by Matthew McNulty, Denise is played by Lorraine Bruce, Leanne is played by Joanna Page and Jamie is played Matthew Lewis.

Thanks to BBC/Rollem

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