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Part Two

The team of forensic pathologists uncover further harrowing details of a number of underage girls who have been groomed and forced into prostitution. Leo examines the flat where Amy was held. Quiet gang member Younis grows more uncomfortable as the men prey upon schoolgirls Lauren and Hannah.

Nikki uses facial reconstruction to identify the decomposed body found in the suitcase at the airport. She returns the disturbed Shannon to her family but when stepfather Abdul learns of Shannon’s ordeal he prepares to take revenge.

William Gaminara plays Leo, Emilia Fox plays Nikki, Tom Ward plays Harry, Amy Wren plays Shannon, Thusitha Jayasundera plays Detective Inspector Masood , Sanjeev Bhaskar plays Abdul Aziz, Madeline Duggan plays Amy, Tony Jayawardena plays Younis, Georgia Bourke plays Lauren and Chloe Cuthill plays Hannah.

Written by Timothy Prager.

Part 2 airs Monday 9th April 2012.