Following last week’s shock birth, Raff and his teenage girlfriend Ellie struggle to come to terms with their new parental responsibilities.

Much to the dismay of his granddad Alan and mum, Gillian, Raff considers leaving school, finding a job and even marriage, but another big life decision becomes too much for Ellie to handle.

Over in Harrogate, Kate and Caroline continue to look to the future despite Lawrence struggling to accept his mother’s new relationship. After Caroline receives an offer on her house, the couple continue to discuss their plans to move in together and Kate’s unwavering desire to have a child of her own.

Meanwhile, Celia inadvertently lets slip to Robbie a huge personal secret that Gillian has kept since she was 15. Gillian reacts furiously and her growing animosity towards Celia puts more pressure on her already fractious relationship with Alan.

With her relationships crumbling around her, will Gillian be left completely isolated or will she find solace in the ever-persistent John?

Alan, fed up with Gillian’s behavior, confides in Celia about his daughter’s wayward youth and bad choice in men. The conversation leads him to spill another, even more shocking secret about Gillian. Will Celia be able to keep his confidence this time or will this be the final nail in the coffin for Alan and Gillian’s relationship?

Last Tango In Halifax episode 3, airs on Tuesday, 3 December at 9pm on BBC One.

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