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ITV has unveiled a new trailer for two-part drama, Lucan starring Rory Kinnear as the flamboyant aristocrat, Lord Lucan and written by award-winning writer, Jeff Pope.

Christopher Eccleston takes the role of John Aspinall with Catherine McCormack playing the Countess of Lucan, Veronica.

With his marriage disintegrating, Lucan became obsessed with regaining custody of his children. Ultimately the drama reveals what happened on that fateful night in November 1974 when his children’s nanny, Sandra Rivett (Leanne Best), was cruelly bludgeoned to death in the basement of the family’s home in London’s Lower Belgrave Street.

To this day Lucan is thought to have mistaken Sandra for his wife Veronica, whom he blamed for the fractures in his family life. His whereabouts and eventual fate have remained a mystery for nearly four decades, captivating and intriguing the public whose fascination with Lucan is undiminished.

Lucan begins on ITV on December 11 at 9pm.

Watch the trailer below…