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Another Dexter trailer from Showtime has been debuted to fans who attended the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday as part of the Dexter panel.

Excitingly the clip picks up from the major series 6 cliffhanger and unveils the first two-minutes of series 7 (with spoilers).

The end of series 6 saw Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall), a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, who is also secretly a serial killer of criminals, caught in the act of Murder by his adopted sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter); who was just about to confess she had fallen in love with him –  only to discover a side to Dexter that will change everything.

The clip leaves us on another cliffhanger as we wait to see what Dexter will do when Deb goes to ring the rest of the police department they both work for.

Michael C Hall spoke about his character at the convention saying: “We all have some sort of shadow side that we have to contend with and manage. His is pretty heavy.”

Adding: “Maybe we admire him for the unique responsibility he’s taken, even though it is outside the box.”

Dexter season 7 airs in the US, Sunday, September 30, 2012 on Showtime and arrives in the UK, early 2013 on FX UK.

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