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A return for BBC spy drama ‘Spooks’?

Miranda Raison as MI5 Spy Jo Portman

Former ‘Spooks’ actress Miranda Raison. who played Mi5 officer Jo Portman in the BBC spy drama for five series, believes there’s still life in the popular show and could return in the near future.

The actress told Digital Spy: “I could see it happening, I mean with the Jubilee and the Olympics, now would be a fantastic time to have that story told. [But] there’s always going to be a drama about MI5 and about London.

“I think they could easily start it up if they wanted to. It’s not like they don’t have an avenue of stories or ideas because they’re all around us.”

Raison who has also appeared in, Married Single Other, Merlin and Doctor Who, played her role in the espionage drama between 2005 and 2009, when her character was killed in series eight by fellow officer Ros Myers in a hostage situation. Raison commented: “I’m not at all method, but I was really surprised by how much it affected me that Jo Portman was dead.

She went on to admit she would rule out a return for her own character: “To undermine something like that – I know the scriptwriters wouldn’t do a Bobby Ewing [from Dallas] style – but sometimes you have to look at a body of work and be proud of it, but nod and move on.”

Miranda Raison stars in the second series of BBC Two comedy-drama Vexed alongside Toby Stephens later this month.

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