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The Doctor Who crew have been sighted out and about filming again: On 7 June they were filming in three locations, with sightings of Matt Smith, The Tardis and UNIT – with Saul Metzstein directing the filming.

Below is a short summary of what was seen, with some fan tweeted pictures.

First location: The Plan Cafe, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff.

Matt Smith is seen seated in the Cafe, it appeared they were filming the same scene in two different ways – firstly with Matt sitting alone and secondly with both Matt and a hooded figure played by Barnaby Edwards sitting opposite him who appears to point outside at one point.

Picture credit: @gabundy/@tichimera

Second Location: The park by Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay (Amy and Rory’s house.)

Matt Smith as The Doctor walks from the Ponds’ house to the Tardis.

Later the crew have moved the Tardis away from the Ponds’ house and closer to a children’s play park where Matt Smith climbs the Tardis with a large orange phone. Onlookers believed him to be calling Amy and Rory whilst fixing the light at the top of the Tardis. The dialogue is said to have included him telling the Ponds that he had dropped their Ood back home and “Hello Ponds… The helmic regulator is playing up – it was hit by an arrow!”

Third Location: Outside Amy and Rory’s house on Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay

Unit were seen filming a small scene outside the Pond’s house, thought to be pick-ups for Cubed (Episode Four), as there were several little black cubes scattered around in exactly the same position as they were for the filming of Episode 4.

UNIT appear to run up to the Ponds house with their guns, before clustering around the front door and picking the lock on the door.

UNIT storm to the Ponds house where you can see some of the cubes on the floor.

Picture credits: @ryanfarrr

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  1. I think the photos are cool but I wonder if the Ponds just vanish one day and never return they dont answer their phone it goes to messages.  I think they may be at the hospital because their were hospital scenes.

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