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Please note: The finale of Silk series two has been moved to Wednesday 20 June at 9pm on BBC One.

In representing Jody Farr Martha has truly supped with the Devil. Despite pleading his innocence to this crime, Farr is a notorious criminal responsible for the death of Martha’s former client Brendan Kay. But is he getting a fair trial?

Struggling with shifting power plays and an untenable defence, Martha decides to do her job while not allowing Jody to get under her skin. However, when she senses that he isn’t getting a fair trial she suspects foul play and sets a dangerous trap to uncover the truth.

With the date of his tribunal looming Clive focuses all his efforts on prosecuting Jody Farr, but becomes progressively worried about CW’s state of mind and whether he can still support her application to chambers.

In the face of an uncertain future, Billy finds himself trapped by Micky Joy. Loyalties are stretched to breaking point as the trial runs towards its explosive climax.

Maxine Peake is Martha; Rupert Penry-Jones is Clive; Neil Stuke is Billy; Phil Davis is Micky Joy; Frances Barber is Caroline Warwick ‘CW’; Indira Varma is George Duggan; Alex Jennings is Alan Cowdrey; Shaun Evans is Daniel; Finbar Lynch is Jody Farr and Kaye Wragg is Jamie Slotover.

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