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Lip Service series 2 episode 5 airs Friday 18th May at 9pm on BBC Three.

When Sam makes an unexpected visit to the flat to confront Tess about her discovery, a wedge is driven been Sam and her friends.

Lexy arrives and instantly defends a bewildered Tess, which makes Sam question whether she was part of the cover-up too. And, to make matters worse, Sam’s unpredictable behavior at work forces her partner Ryder to send her home, telling her she’s out of control. For Sam, the truth hurts.

Sadie’s excitement about her new job at Jo’s art gallery is short-lived after she grows frustrated at having her texts ignored by Lauren. Ever the thrill seeker, Sadie decides to surprise her lover by turning up at the home she shares with her wife. And, for Lauren, its temptation come calling as she struggles to resist Sadie.

Tess finds herself in a compromising position when Hugh embroils her in his disastrous love life as he tries to get one over on love rival, Thomas Delaware.

Elsewhere, the situation with Lexy’s stalker intensifies, with unforeseen consequences. After the situation with her stalker intensifies, Lexy turns to Tess for a shoulder to cry on, leading Tess to hope they can be more than just good friends.

Sam is played by Heather Peace, Tess by Fiona Button, Lexy by Anna Skellern, Ryder by Steven Cree, Sadie by Natasha O’Keeffe, Jo by Valerie Edmond, Lauren by Neve McIntosh, Hugh by Stuart McQuarrie and Thomas Delaware by Alastair MacKenzie.


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      1. What Heather is doing in this second series is AMAZING! Sam is the character who had to change more than the others and Heather’s performance is stellar, but sometimes it seems they want to take her value. 4 episodes and, rarely, promotional photos with Sam!

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