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Lip Service, BBC Three’s provocative drama, returns for a second series

Frankie played by Ruta Gedmintas

The kind of woman who calls the shots in all her sexual conquests, Frankie’s not used to playing second fiddle to anyone. But as Cat’s secret ‘other woman’, a brooding Frankie has no option but to wait, and hope, Cat will choose her over love rival Sam.

At the heart of the group of friends, photographer Frankie is the fun-factor but all her bravado and confidence hides a deep vulnerability. Having found her biological mother at the end of the last series, Frankie is hopeful that they can build a relationship together and find herself in the process. But her mother, Alma, seems to be holding back on letting Frankie into her life.

You’ve become something of a pin-up for Lip Service – what’s that like?

I do get recognised sometimes – everyone is always lovely. There have been a couple of times where fans have expected me to be just like Frankie and so are a bit scared I’m gonna shout or cry all over them. I couldn’t be more different from her.

Have you been surprised by the audience reaction to Lip Service?

I’m just really pleased! It’s fantastic to have such amazing support for a show, not only from the gay community but a show led by women.

What can fans expect from Frankie in series two?

Frankie is making a conscious effort to be mature, to learn from her mistakes and to try and be less selfish. She may not always succeed but she’s definitely trying. Frankie is in love…head over heels. She just wants to protect that now.

Does Frankie feel guilty at all about the affair?

Of course! Frankie isn’t a bad person. She is continuously remorseful and battles with herself daily. She is incredibly sensitive but it is coupled with defensiveness, which gets her into trouble.

How does Frankie deal with being ‘the other woman’?

Frankie usually likes to dominate a relationship but I think she likes the idea of putting someone else first. She loves Cat deeply, so will do anything for her…for the time being anyway.

So now that Frankie has found her birth mother do you think this is a chance for her to find stability?

Frankie always felt something wasn’t quite right in her childhood. She felt like an outsider. Now she knows the truth, it offers her some kind of foundation to start from.

All the cast talk about how close you’ve become through the show – have you found friends for life?

Well…I’d say perhaps friends for a couple years at most. Only joking! All my fellow cast members are amazing women and we meet up frequently.

Did you find that ‘Team Frankie’ had a lot of followers or did you get stick from the ‘Team Cat/Sam’ groups?

A bit of both really. Sam is pretty much the perfect girlfriend but Frankie just needs the right girl, with enough love and patience.


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