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Lip Service, BBC Three’s provocative drama, returns for a second series


Laura Fraser Who Plays Cat

Torn between two lovers, the new series opens with Cat facing a heartbreaking decision – Sam or Frankie.

After planning a trip to escape her affair with Frankie and get her head straight, Cat arrives back in Glasgow from a loved-up month in South America with Sam. And it’s not long before reality bites and she knows she must finish her affair with Frankie or lose Sam forever. But Frankie isn’t about to let Cat go without a fight.

Knowing she can’t confide in brother Ed or friend Tess, the only person Cat can turn to is Jay who offers his own unique way for her to de-stress and also deal with her complicated love life.

Well that was some finale to series one! Do you think Cat will get her fingers burnt starting up an affair with Frankie?

Historically, affairs tend to lead to heartbreak and I don’t think Cat will escape unscathed.

How do her feelings for Frankie affect her love for Sam?

Because she’s lying to Sam it is muddying her relationship. She loves Sam but she is full of fear and is terrified of losing both of them. The lies and the shame are clouding Cat’s judgement and messing with her head.

Do you think it’s possible to love two people at the same time?

Yes I think it’s possible but I think the problem here is that Cat feels she has to hide her feelings and sneak around and lie about what’s happening. As a result she is not able to love either woman very well.

Is Cat able to separate her feelings for Sam and Frankie or do you think she just gets herself more worked up?

Cat is bouncing around reacting to Frankie, then Sam, and making fear-based choices. She is enjoying the adrenaline rush of the affair as I think it provides relief from her default tight grip of life, but she can’t handle the secrecy and is becoming more reckless and destructive.

Why does she choose not to confide in any of the other friends, apart from Jay?

I think it would make it all too real if she told Tess or Ed. She will only tell them when she’s ready to truly confront her feelings about what’s happening. Jay’s moral code is in alignment with Cat’s denial so he’s a perfect choice.

What sort of reaction have you had since you appeared in Lip Service?

Very positive, I’ve had lots of women tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the series, which is lovely.

Since filming, you’ve hopped across the pond to live in the States – how are you getting on?

I’m enjoying being in New York just now, but I do miss the UK. It’s tricky navigating the cultural differences and I miss the familiar. But at the same time it’s lovely to have the opportunity to explore New York and a different way of life.

How is your little girl, Lila, enjoying life in the USA?

Lila is having a ball! We moved here in the summer and she was delighted to be able to run through the sprinklers every day. She thought her accent was going to change instantly, when we landed in JFK airport she said “Why aren’t we American yet?”!

Is there anything you miss most about being home in Scotland?

I miss my family and friends and I miss the sense of humour. I also miss potato scones and decent chocolate!


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