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The fate of Prisoner’s Wives has been debated amongst critics; many would like to see it return, many fear the ratings dip (thanks to the return of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings), meant the likelihood of a second series was slim.

However writer Julie Gearey’s management, Julia Tyrrell ┬áhas posted on their website that Gearey is; “Currently developing Series 2 of PRISONERS’ WIVES.”

So there you have it!


The Prisoner’s Wives twitter account has tweeted: “Thanks for all your comments, yes, there is a second series being made. Being wrote at the moment, not sure on dates yet!”

I think a second series is well deserved

4 thoughts on “Julie Gearey Writing Series 2 Of Prisoner’s Wives!

  1. Prisoners wives was superb, a real cross section of very real and very different people and their tragedies, so very sensitively portrayed. Absolutely Top BBC Drama , and so very worthy of a drama series award. A very hearty ‘well done’ to the Writer and Producers. Thankyou !

  2. Wow, what a fab little gem!! Surprisingly good, i think the broadcasting exec’s are finally getting it, that what we all want is good, gritty dramas and lots of them. A second series with the same ladies, would be great!
    Hope there’s not too long to wait!

  3. Would so look forward to a Series 2.. With the current actors I’m sure it will be equally as good as the first!

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