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Police procedural for 8pm weeknight slot!


Prisoner’s Wives writer Julie Gearey has penned a new 8-part drama series, Cuffs for BBC One weeknights at 8pm.

Produced by Tiger Aspect Productions, the character-led and police procedural drama is a fast-paced and adrenalin-fuelled show full of humour and humanity. The series will be the first new drama series for this time slot in over eight years.

Set in Brighton, the authentic and visceral drama focuses on the relationships between the officers and detectives and the impact that this job has on their personal lives. Cuffs shows the everyday rollercoaster of being a police officer in the UK, being overstretched and under-resourced, and the constant threat of physical violence and verbal abuse.

Julie Gearey says: “As a massive fan of cop shows, I’m thrilled to create a new ensemble police series for BBC One. Intimate and realistic, we’ll be right on the shoulders of our cops as we follow them into every corner of lives in which work pressures don’t end at the station door.”

One thought on “BBC1 commissions new cop drama, Cuffs

  1. I hope you’re going to include the other side of the coin. Where crimes are committed against you and the police don’t deem it important enough, whereas it’s costing you only you can’t afford. The criminal gets away with it. Puts me off reporting crime. What is the point?

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