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Merlin Series 4 Episode 1

“The one they call Emerus will walk in your shadow. He is your destiny! And He is your Doom”.

The Opener to Series 4 is not only a great opener that will have you on the edge of your seats. A lot darker than any other episode of Merlin. It could quite easily give Doctor Who a run for its money in the scary stakes.

A year has passed since where we left Camelot at the end of Series 3.
King Uther is Mentally unfit to run the Kingdom, after Morgana’s Betrayal last Series. The running of Camelot is now in the Hands Of Arthur. Aided by his shady uncle Agravaine played by the wonderful Nathaniel Parker and a larger role for the Knights of Camelot.

Morgana now a fully paid up member of the Dark side (aided by Agravaine a twist we find out later) travels with her dying Sister Morgause, to the Isle of the Blessed for a Sisterly sacrifice in the name of evil of course!

Through Morgause’s blood Sacrifice (Morgana stabs her) This veil between the worlds is Torn, and the Spirit World is opened. Callieach, the Gate keeper to the spirit world (played by Gemma Jones) is unleashed along with the Daraka, the Voices of the dead.

Although Merlin does have a darker tone there is still a lot of humour. Mainly with the Banter between Arthur and Merlin. Also there is a new tag team of Lancelot and Merlin. A bond created with Lancelot’s knowledge of Merlin’s powers.

With the Dakara terrorising and Killing the Village folk and people of Camelot . Gaius reveals the only way to vanquish them is a similar blood Sacrifice. Step up Arthur or Merlin!

The screams of the Dakar did start to get rather annoying after a while rather than scary. I also found the older version of Merlin was not convincing to me at all.

With both Arthur and Merlin prepared to sacrifice themselves in the name of the greater good. Who will sacrifice themselves? And will Morgana and Agravaine triumph against the good of Merlin! I’m looking forward to finding out!