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This is a copy of my review for Simply Television.

The Spooks get a Red Flash that Anarchist Johnny Grier has brought Radioactive material into a UK Airport, with the intent of creating a Dirty Bomb! With His Sister Natalie seemingly the only link to him. Dimitri (Max Brown) is sent undercover to Honey Trap her to help gain intel about the imminent attack.

After Tariq’s Murder Last week Calum (Geoffrey Streatfield) is asked, or Tested as it appeared to me, by Harry to run a simultaneous operation to help discover what it was that Tariq discovered that got him killed. I think Calum did a good job of redeeming himself this episode. He appeared less cocky and more useful to the Team. Although I did miss Tariq and think it was a mistake to kill of one of the few known characters in the final series!

I enjoyed this Episode. I liked the emotional turmoil we could see Dimitri faced with at having to use the innocent Sister to get information. You could see that he felt uncomfortable and guilty! Although let’s be honest how many Ladies would not be enamoured with the handsome spy who turns up on a dating website!

However for a Spy, his Spy skills left a lot to be desired. It was obvious when Johnny bumped into Dimitri he had bugged him. I had a hard time believing that an MI5 Spy would believe a terrorist so easily when he claimed he had no idea what he had brought into the country. Let alone let him go off on his own with no tail! Also considering a lot of the episode had set up the impression of Johnny being a violent loose Cannon. He was surprisingly Calm when he found out Dimitri was a spy and had used his Sister. (Even though we later find out he knew all along. You would think he would keep up the pretence).

Similarly Harry and Ruth’s emotional Dilemma at having to deal with Harry’s secret past continued this week. Harry asks Ruth to meet his ex Lover Elena to pick up vital intel. Ruth comes face to face with his ex lover and faces questions about her personal relationship with Harry. The
Home Secretary seems to have taken a professional shine to Ruth and maybe even Personal interest when they go out for Dinner to discuss a possible position working for him. I did find myself cringing a little at the Home Secretary’s questions, and attempts to persuade Ruth to leave Harry to work for him.

Considering Press releases for this Series had described The Characters of Harry and Ruth as being Central to this Series. I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the lack of their Characters. Which is a shame considering the acting talent of Peter Firth and Nicola Walker!

The Ending where we have Johnny threatening to expose The CEO Profiteer of a Nuclear disaster to a radioactive Isotope. Wasn’t a Suspenseful as I had hoped and he let him go pretty easily. It seems his motive was the make one person ie Dimitri to see his cause before he exposed himself to the radiation.

No sign of Jonathan Hyde’s Gavrik this week. Although we did get some scenes of Sasha, whose crying in nearly every scene is starting to annoy me slightly. But his scene with Harry was quite Touching.

A great solid Episode, and from the trailer Next Episode looks good too!