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Spooks Series 10 episode 2.

New techie Calum gets attacked carrying a Laptop of classified Assets information across London, during a routine share of information with MI6.

Would a MI5 spy really take classified info out without any Security?

One of those assets is Martha, an analyst who works at an oil company, that just happens to have links to Minister Gavrik, who is central to the UK/Russia alliance. Erin being Martha’s handler has a farcical meeting on some empty steps. Apparently sitting alone talking to someone on the phone who’s hiding behind a big pipe railing is more inconspicuous, than sitting talking together.

After Martha’s identity is leaked to the Public, Erin is forced to release her from being any use to MI5. Lara Pulver does a convincing job of appearing torn about having to be the cold spy. A much improved performance on last weeks wooden moments. However her lack of interest in collecting the data spike that Martha risked herself for, does make you think what’s the point if she’s not that bothered.

Meanwhile Harry and Ruth are getting distant through Harry’s reluctance to open up to Ruth about his love child Sasha. If you’re expecting progression with these two, you’ll be disappointed this week, as Nicola Walker’s Ruth has very few scenes this episode. Her interaction with Harry is very sad, when he coldly dismisses her, before and after his meeting with his Ex Lover Elena Gavrik.

Tariq meanwhile is trying to trace who took the Laptop, after feeling guilty that his encryption has been cracked, leading to the Assets being exposed. Shazad Latif gives a great performance in what turns out to be his last as Tariq, when he is cruelly killed by the yet to be unmasked big bad by injection of I assume poison. Stopped from rushing to get info back to the grid that could unmask our enemies. Who looked like Harry’s Ex Elena. Oh dear.

Calum, yet again appearing to be useless runs to Tariq’s side, only to do nothing and just accept he’s died. He obviously missed the CPR training on his recruitment as well.

Overall a good, but not great episode.