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“Just beyond what you see, just beyond what you know, there’s something out there waiting for you.”


BBC Three has released two new trailers for its upcoming Doctor Who spin-ff drama, Class.

Set in the infamous Coal Hill School. The series focuses on a group of sixth-formers who are faced with dealing with the effects of the Timelord’s repeated visits to the school, including as ‘The Caretaker’. The teaser reveals the Doctor explaining that “time has looked at your faces… and time never forgets,” and with him busy time travelling he can’t always be there so “sometimes you have to take survival upon yourself.”


The second trailer reveals Patrick Ness YA series continues the Doctor Who tone of scary shadows and monsters but appears to be more aimed at a less family friendly audience than it’s parent show, with a more sexier tone, blood and violence. The drama will star lead characters: Teacher, Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly), Ram (Fady Elsayed), Charlie (Greg Austin), April (Sophie Hopkins) and Tanya (Vivian Oparah).

Class begins on BBC Three from Saturday, 22nd October and will air on BBC One at a later date.

Watch Peter Capaldi in new Class teaser below…

Watch the full official trailer below…