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Writer encourages fans to “Stand with us…”

Raised by Wolves: Caitlin Moran and her sister with the girls who are portraying them

Channel 4 will not be renewing popular comedy Raised By Wolves for a third series, writer Caitlin Moran has confirmed.

Produced by Big Talk Productions, the comedy was loosely based on the Caitlin and her siblings’ upbringing in Wolverhampton (including her sister and co-writer Caz) – focusing mainly on the exploits of single mother Della (Rebekah Staton) and her teenage daughters Germaine (Helen Monks) and Aretha (Alexa Davies).

Channel 4 said: “We are incredibly proud of launching Raised by Wolves and introducing the exploits of Della, Germaine, Aretha and their family to audiences, however Channel 4 is committed to a range of brand new series for next year. We wish Caitlin, Caz and our friends at Big Talk all the best.”

However, Caitlin has decided to fight back against the decision, launching a YouTube video and Facebook campaign, tagged #upthewolves – in the hopes of continuing the series on a different platform. Big Talk encouraged the sister’s campaign, commenting they are keen to “step into the unknown… in this brave new digital world”, to continue with “amazing stories they are desperate to tell.”

Details on how to support the campaign, are shown in Caitlin Moran’s video message below…