FX has released confirmed the airdate for The Americans Season 4 alongside a new poster (below).

The 80’s spy drama returns in America on Wednesday, 16th March. ITV Encore airs the drama in the UK.

The new poster shows the two leads Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Elizabeth and Philip, in a battle of love and war – most likely over their daughter Paige, who in Season 3 discovered her parents were Russian spies and then told the parish priest.

Executive producer Joel Fields spoke about the upcoming season at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, revealing “the question of how to parent Paige is now secondary to the question of how to fight for this family’s survival.”

Adding, Elizabeth will have “longer operation that is going to challenge her in new and even more difficult ways.” Keri Russell said, “This season feels a lot more about the emotional cost. There is a big opening for Elizabeth in a new way, especially with Paige and seeing how it’s affecting her. … Between Paige’s fractures and Philip’s fractures, there is a bigger sensitivity to the fragility of her family this season.”

While Matthew Rhys said Philip’s ideals have changed from the early seasons: “His goal has become more narrow and pure in that he wants his family to be OK. What we see more is this metronome increasing as he goes, ‘I need to do everything as best as I can so that everyone stays alive.’”

However, Russell’s real-life pregnancy with her co-star Rhys will not be incorporated into the shows storyline.

ITV Encore is yet to announce when they will be airing Season 4.