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Fungus arrives for Christmas


Sky 1 has released a new trailer for Raymond Briggs‘ classic three-part family story Fungus the Bogeyman which airs this Christmas.

Leading the cast is Timothy Spall as the titular green bogeyman, Fungus – a family man who has lived underground for hundreds of years, going about his business menacing and frightening those on the surface (the “Dry Cleaners”) as Bogeymen do and have always done, never questioning his own existence…until now. Over the course of the series viewers will follow Fungus and his son Mould’s journey through the maze of life on the surface, while also discovering the highs and lows of their father and son relationship.

Spall will be joined by Victoria Wood, Keeley HawesMarc Warren, Paul Kaye, Joanna Scanlan and Andy Serkis as the narrator

Fungus the Bogeyman will air on Sky 1 this Christmas.

Watch the trailer below…