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HBO teases fans with new poster.


Game Of Thrones worst kept secret: The fate of Jon Snow – appears to be revealed in a new poster from HBO / Sky Atlantic.

The poster appears to indicate that the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch – who was last seen stabbed as a ‘traitor’ and left for dead by his fellow brothers at the end of season five – is bloody, but potentially ALIVE?!  Has Melisandre used her magic to resurrect the fan favourite? Yes, he doesn’t look too good in the picture but he’s not looking lifeless in the snow anymore.

It’s wouldn’t be surprising, considering actor Kit Harington who plays Snow has been spotted attending script read-through’s and filming (in costume) in Belfast. And of course, there is the much discussed issue of the length of his hair and the fact despite repeatedly bemoaning the fact he was contractually obliged to keep his hair long and wanted to cut it; he hasn’t (who knew we paid so much attention to his barnet).

Whatever the outcome, the fact the channel’s are using his picture as prime promotion material for the sixth season which airs in April 2016, seems to indicate there’s a chance of survival.