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A groundbreaking, heartwarming comedy!


BBC Two’s new six-part sitcom Boy Meets Girl is released on DVD today and follows the funny and sweet love-story of Leo and his new (older) girlfriend Judy and their meddling families.

However, what’s makes Boy Meets Girl different to any other romcom is that at the heart of the story, Judy is transgender (played by Rebecca Root), which makes it a first for a TV romcom. Leo (Harry Hepple) and Judy must navigate their new-found relationship, with their families: including Judy’s eccentric and embarrassing mother Peggy (Janine Duvitski) and sister Jackie (Lizzie Roper); and Leo’s overbearing mother Pam, his brother James (Jonny Dixon) and Tony (Nigel Betts) his put-upon dad. Alongside some of society’s negative views.

But what is a credit to Elliott Kerrigan‘s writing and the actors performance is that really none of the labels matter, because at the end of the day it’s a heartwarming story about two people who have fallen in love. Luckily, the family comedy also prevents the series becoming too sickeningly sweet and helps deal with the subject of Judy’s transition with light humour intended to lighten the mood and educate rather than be negative.

I’m not usually a fan of Denise Welch but she does a brilliant job of playing the possessive mother struggling to cope with losing control of her now adult sons and for the most part totally unawares of Judy’s secret, more concerned with her son having a relationship with an ‘older’ woman with a family she’d rather not be seen with.

Boy Meets Girl is an enjoyable, lighthearted comedy that not only breaks down boundaries but is quite simply a pleasure to watch.

Watch a trailer below…