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E4’s Tattoo parlour reopens its doors


Embarrassed by a dodgy Tattoo? You’re in luck, as E4 has commissioned a second series of Tattoo Fixers.

Series 2 will contain yet more outrageous, hilarious and unique tattoo disaster stories. So far we’ve seen everything from misspelt phrases, regrettable words, ex’s names and even soap star lookalikes cropping up in the pop up parlour in East London. Once again, the clients of the parlour will have their troubled ink transformed by three of the UK’s top tattoo artists, who are on hand to redesign disaster-pieces into walking works of tattoo masterpieces.

Produced by Studio Lambert, Tattoo Fixers’ first series has so far attracted an average consolidated audience of 797k viewers to E4, rising to 1.6 million viewers an episode when adding the Channel 4 repeat.

Speaking on the commission, Head of Formats for Channel 4, Dom Bird said “Tattoo Fixers has been a huge success story for E4. What’s more, it’s clear there’s no shortage of terrible tattoos that need fixing out there and we are excited to create more extraordinary transformations to delight our viewers.”