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Now that’s more like it!


Episode three of Channel 4’s No Offense has finally reached up to the stars in my eye!

The episode begins with a burnt out house; the victim an Asian woman whose husband and father in law tries to help the police to capture the culprits. Deering decides to put DC Kowalska and DS Joy Freers onto the case, which at first may not seem a great idea, however, with both of them thinking outside of the box they end up working out who really called the wife in the house – they just need to convince everyone else in the team, including Deering. Kowalska and Freers both know how to show Deering who the killer is with a “tick” from the victim’s husband.

Meanwhile, investigating the Down syndrome killer case, DC Tanner discovers that the victim’s teacher knows who the killer could be. Towards the end as they celebrate the end of the five-star terms case, they get an urgent call from their office breaking the news that another Down syndrome girl has gone missing!

I am so happy that I can now sit here and say that I have strong faith in this series! This episode is my favourite so far and I am in love with Alexandra Roach who plays DS Joy Freers! She made the episode 100 percent. The first two episodes she was portrayed as the dimlow of the team, but this episode made her into a hardcore smart ass that was extremely clever and also very attractive. This review isn’t just about my crush on Alexandra Roach of course. This review is giving a massive well done to Paul Abbott and the rest of the cast and crew of No Offense for making episode three wonderfully outrageous and restoring my faith into this series. Can’t wait for the next episode!