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“He said that we’re both the same. That we both wanted you at any cost”


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After ten long weeks we finally learn what happened to Pettigrew. In fact, so much happened and so many answers at once it’s where to start…

We left DCI Morton slowly dying at the end of episode 9 after Henry shot him and then himself. Sheriff Dan Anderssen arrives but instead of thanking his lucky stars Morton urges Dan to “confess, or you’ll never be a peace.” Not his best timing and it costs him his life. Through a flashback we see a drunken Pettigrew lure and handcuff Elena to the bed as he attempts to sexually assault her, Elena fighting for her life stabs him in the back with a knife from the bedside table and manages to call Sheriff Dan. When the Sheriff arrives he’s too late as it’s clear that Pettigrew has raped Elena.

Richard Dormer really has done an amazing job in this series, Dan Anderssen’s devotion to Elena has driven his actions throughout the series despite being one-sided. The drive with Pettigrew as he simmers with anger and disgust at Pettigrew’s rant of what he wanted to do to Elena, along with the final straw being describing them as the same, fuels Anderssen to handcuff him to the pylon and let the bear eat him. I was a bit confused by Elena and Dan’s later conversation in the kitchen, “we are two murderers, you and me, and we are alone together.” Was she saying she wanted a relationship after all or just they understand each other now?

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Meanwhile, bumps on Dr Allerdyce’s skin begins to pulsate as Vincent’s (graphic) dissecting of Stoddart’s dog reveals a larvae egg, which means it’s feeding off the living tissue. As Vincent and Natalie go to examine the Doctor, Vincent witnesses the bugs hatching out all over Dr Allerdyce’s skin, before she awakens and expels them as a sea of black bees from her mouth, in a scene reminiscent of The Green Mile. Looks like Vincent’s curiosity to cut everything he sees open might get him killed as he’s trapped in the room with her to contain it.

Another person still undiscovered is Ronnie. Elena almost did as she stepped on the keys, only to place the in the keyhole. This thread is highly frustrating and again is difficult to gauge without time frames. Jason on the other hand, still psychotic, attacks Natalie at the lab by throwing a jar with one of the hermaphrodite animals. He then tells her “he has to get it out and into him.” We later see Jason lying on the mammoth remains. Meanwhile Yuri and his friend are on the hunt for the riches of the mammoth remains stealing the ice drill, with Eric on their tails thinking he’s following Jason.

Sad to say goodbye to Stanley Tucci’s Morton; wasn’t expecting him to die. His aptitude and knowing glint will be missed. As Morton slips away and Dan says he’ll get him home he says “No. It’s ok, it’s ok. Stay, someone else will come, you know that?!” Later Hildur in a brilliant suspicious stare-off warns Dan “more of them will come you know!” Sofie Gråbøl also gets the best line of the episode ‘It’s not a new hotel we need, it’s a bigger morgue.’ Has Henry’s secret about being Dan’s father died along with Morton though?