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The finale of The Musketeers Series 2 has arrived with plenty of action and peril on the cards for our heroes.

The Musketeers must risk everything to save France from Rochefort’s (Marc Warren) treacherous plan.

While Porthos (Howard Charles) seeks to lure the Spanish spy-master to Paris to prove Rochefort’s betrayal to the King (Ryan Gage), Athos (Tom Burke) and d’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) must save Constance (Tamla Kari) from certain death.

But will they be able to protect Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and the Queen (Alexandra Dowling) before Rochefort gets to them? The fate of France and their closest comrades lies in the Musketeers’ hands.

The Musketeers finale: ‘Trial and Punishment’ airs on Friday, 27th March at 9pm on BBC One.

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