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Comedy-drama explores lost generation


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Channel 4 has released a first-look look image of Zawe Ashton in new 6-part comedy-drama Not Safe For Work (formerly titled Cut).

Zawe Ashton stars as Katherine, a civil servant reluctantly relocated from London to Northampton as part of public sector cuts. Recently divorced and troubled by secrets in her past, her relocation may just be the last straw for her.

Things are made even more difficult for Katherine when she realises she’ll be working with Anthony (Tom Weston Jones). Cited in Katherine’s divorce papers, their relationship is complicated to say the least… 

Sacha Dhawan plays the perma-wasted Danny, a chancer who has somehow found himself managing Katherine’s new office after he pretended to be a devout Muslim. Struggling to work around his fondness for drink and drugs, he’s constantly led astray by his feisty PA, Angela, played Jo Hartley.

Sophie Rundle plays Jenny, irrepressibly and irritatingly upbeat. Jenny is a ball of energy with a relentlessly sunny disposition that hides a profound vulnerability. Meanwhile Nathanial, played by Samuel Barnett, is naïve and well meaning, trying his best to do his job, but never quite certain what his job actually involves. Anastasia Hille joins the cast as a shell-shocked Jeffries, head of Human Resources and responsible for Katherine and Danny’s relocation. She’s as surprised as everyone else to find herself on the receiving end of her own wave of cuts.

Not Safe For Work will air on Channel 4 later this Spring.