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Wedded bliss too good to be true?!


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Last Tango In Halifax episode 3 airs on BBC One Sunday, 11th January at 9pm.

Last Tango In Halifax: Series 3, Episode 3 Pictures & Clip

“Alan, I am so sorry I said that stupid thing to you.”

“It were cutting; I were shocked.”

“Then things got a bit messy with that John… twat!”

“Does he ever have a drink, your Dad?”

“You’re a nice fella. But I really don’t want you and Robbie at the same dinner party.”

“I now pronounce you spouses for life. Congratulations”

“Is this your Mum and Dad?”

“I don’t like… being dependent on people.”

“Do you think we should go round? Do you think we should apologise?”

“It took me ten years to realise, that actually, when you get beyond the tantalising exterior, she’s actually pretty boring.”

“That you’re rather narrow-minded and you didn’t want to be apart of what was going on.”

“Sending her a text: F-off bitch, hope you have a shit day!”

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  1. Alan to celia,i really Don’t know why we decided to get married! you do nothing but upset everyone who cares about you celia,

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