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Celia’s fury holds no bounds!


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Last Tango In Halifax series 3, episode 2 airs on BBC One on Sunday, 4 January at 9pm

Last Tango In Halifax: Series 3, Episode 2 Pictures

“If you do this to me again, then there’s absolutely no point in pretending that we have any kind of relationship.”

“It’s not actually mine as such, I’m just… Kate’s actually my wife’s girlfriend.”

“It’s like we’re in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“I don’t think we’ve stolen anything, have we?”

“You see, this is what adultery does to people. It turns them into liars!”

“Tea, coffee, Jägerbomb?”

“Oh and as well, if you’re so desperate for sex that you need to borrow other people’s fellas, let me give you this…”

“He thought it was ‘well cool’ I think were the exact words. The fact that you’d been unfaithful to my mother seemed to go right over his pretty little head. But then again he’s a bloke.”

“I don’t know he just tagged along; course I was daft enough to feet sorry for him.”

“Oh hell no. We don’t want him thinking any of us have sex do we? Eh… granddad.”

“Please, please both of you, think about Caroline, she doesn’t deserve this.”

“So I said fine, you can shove your job where monkeys shove there nuts.”

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  1. What a great Quote “it’s like We’re in Rocky Horror Picture Show” .. I have loved Watching the Last Tango In Halifax, it’s been one of those well written love stories, Young and old all enjoy! With a Fantastic Actresses & Actor’s with a bit of Comedy in Mix.

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