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In the second episode of this Bafta-award winning love story, the honeymoon is soon over as Alan (Derek Jacobi) reveals the news of his secret son, Gary, to Celia (Anne Reid).

Shocked and struggling to hide her disappointment, Celia can’t help but compare Alan’s deceit to that of her first husband Kenneth and decides to move back to their flat in Harrogate. Meanwhile Alan, Gillian, Raff and Ellie embrace the unexpected addition to Alan’s life and attend a dinner at Gary’s (Rupert Graves) house. They all get on well and leave enamoured by his charm, not to mention his grand home.

Gillian (Nicola Walker) is left humiliated at work by an unexpected visit from Robbie’s other half Cheryl, who reveals she knows that Gillian and Robbie (Dean Andrews) are sleeping together. Cheryl makes a scene which results in Gillian losing her job. Later, Robbie turns up at the farm to apologise and reveals he has split up with Cheryl. Could reconciliation be on the cards for Gillian and Robbie?

Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) and Kate (Nina Sosanya) wake up giddy on their wedding day but the happy mood is soon broken by Celia’s revelation that she doesn’t agree with the marriage and has decided not to come to the ceremony. Caroline appeals to Celia but is met with determined resistance. Alan is bitterly disappointed by her behaviour but is the marriage the only thing that Celia can’t come to terms with?

At the registry office, an upset Caroline lashes out at Alan – if Celia’s not coming then there’s no use in him being there. She heads into the registry office leaving an isolated Alan behind.

Last Tango In Halifax series 3, episode 2 airs on BBC One on Sunday, 4 January at 9pm

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