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Our countdown of our Top 30 TV picks of 2014 continues with 20 – 11. Is your favourites in the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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20. The Flash


The popular comic book and cult TV classic The Flash made a comeback with plenty of special effects, a likeable cast lead in Grant Gustin as our hero Barry Allen and cameos from the 90’s TV show original Flash John Wesley Shipp. What’s not to like? Very reminiscent of early Smallville, but dare I say better?

19. The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans

A comedy caper wrapped up like a big budget action movie proved a surprise hit for BBC Two. It was clever, silly, gripping, but most of all hilarious. Horrible Histories Mathew Baynton and James Corden made a strong team both as writers and an on-screen double act.

18. Doctor Who

Doctor Who Episode 8

When I came to compile this countdown, I was quite surprised Doctor Who wasn’t in my top 10 like in previous years, but there’s been some pretty great competition this year and unfortunately even the brilliant addition of Peter Capaldi couldn’t bump it up the list. The series offered up a darker more complex Doctor and gave Jenna Coleman‘s Clara some long overdue character development.

17. The Honourable Woman


Another series that split viewers. Hugo Blick’s The Honourable Woman not only brought the superb acting talent of Hollywood actress Maggie Gyllenhaal to the small screen – but also delivered complex and resonating story for what’s currently happening in the world today. Most of all I just loved Stephen Rea‘s dry quips.

16. Educating The East End


I hated school but I couldn’t get enough of the goings on at East London’s Frederick Bremer School. From teenage tantrums to the amazing support staff, Educating the East End made school interesting. Not that I’d go back though.

15. The Musketeers

The Musketeers

Yes, sexy men, sword fights and plenty of adventure. And my favourite: strong three-dimensional female characters. The Musketeers is a must watch. I may have fallen a little in love with Tom Burke‘s Athos too, not sure it’s worth facing the wrath of Milady though. Goes back to dreamily sighing at the picture of Athos… Ahem!

14. Game Of Thrones Season 4


The epic fantasy series continued to impress, shock and leave viewers wanting more. Nobody is safe and nobody is trustworthy but it’s a thrilling ride with amazing set pieces and a great ensemble cast that just keeps growing and getting better.

13. Peaky Blinders Series 2

Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby and Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders. Photograph: Rober

Brummie accents aside (as a Brummie I can comment), the second series came back stronger and more dangerous. Cillian Murphy leads the cast with confident swagger that had Major Campbell (Sam Neill) seething with jealousy.

12. In The Flesh Series 2


In The Flesh is a unique series that manages to capture a serene atmosphere coupled with a human story about the undead. Strange yes, but perfectly acted and a very morally and emotionally raw series that tackles important issues and prejudices through the eyes of Kieran Walker (Luke Newberry) and his friend Amy (Emily Bevan). The ending also left a fascinating cliffhanger for a possible third series.

11. The Walking Dead Season 5


The safety of the group was once again ramped up as Rick & Co are split up and back in the zombie-filled city. With the continuous fight for survival against the zombies and new human threats, the series explored the loss of humanity and purpose. As always brilliant make-up effects and a heavy dose of gore and scary music makes us continue to fear for our favourite characters.

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