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And we’ve reached our top 10. Find out who which tv series made our number 1 of 2014.

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10. The 100

Earth Skills

Post apocalyptic series The 100 is one of the few new successful sci-fi series focusing on a group of young criminals sent to Earth to discover if it’s still habitable as they’re space station The Ark is running out of oxygen. The group soon find out they’re not alone. The drama has a great young cast and in a similar vein to Lost most of the tension is based of the unknown dangers that lurk in the shadows.

9. The Fall Series 2

Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) and DS Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan) in the finale of BBC2's The Fall

Jamie Dornan returned to creep us out for a second series while still looking as gorgeous as ever. This series was all about the psychology and the hunt as poor Rose was kidnapped and Spector groomed young Katie to follow in his footsteps. There were quite a few moments of suspending your disbelief and Stella seemed more interested in flirting but the addition of Colin Morgan added a new dimension to the intriguing series that still impressed.

8. Penny Dreadful


Josh Harnett jumped to the small screen to investigate strange goings on in Victorian London while keeping a few of his own secrets. The series brought together well-known gothic characters in a different context, but the stand out performance of the series goes to Eva Green who played every facet of a haunted tortured soul.

7. Orange Is The New Black Season 2


The Netflix comedy-drama returned stronger, funnier and with a more ensemble feel as we got to learn more about the inmates. A truly groundbreaking series that doesn’t shy away and has a predominately female cast of strong, funny women. Rosa gets the last laugh and boy did she deserve it.

6. The Americans Season 2


Ah The Americans, how I missed you. I love spy stories, I love the Americans more. A 80’s spy story loosely based on true events makes it even cooler. Add the family drama and several interlinking story arcs plus the odd dash of classic 80’s tunes and you have a great series. The kids are getting older and Paige is getting very anxious to know why her parents are always sneaking around. As the series concluded we found out Paige may wish she’d never wondered. Season 3 is set to be a cracker.

5. Utopia Series 2


Channel 4 made the sad decision to end Utopia after two brilliant series. Why? I have no idea. I agree it’s a niche series but a brilliant one at that, with complex storytelling, frighteningly realistic scenarios and a stunning visual presence. Most of all I loved the risky endeavour of opening the second series with a prequel starring Tom Burke and Rose Leslie in a break from the normal cast. Utopia may be gone but I wouldn’t say no to the prequel getting a series however unlikely.

4. Orphan Black Season 2


New clones, male clones, sick clones, we can’t get enough of them all superbly played by the talented Tatiana Maslany. We got to meet Kira’s father, while Rachel mentally disintegrated. A twist at the end set up numerous possibilities and dangers for the third season, but the best bit… Mrs S got badass! I really hope Mrs S is still on Sarah’s side but with OB you never know who’s monitoring who.

3. Line Of Duty Series 2

line of duty 2

There was some doubt if Line Of Duty could reproduce the success of the first series, especially without lead Lennie James. Writer Jed Mecurio did better than that, surpassing expectation and delivering one of the best and most surprising performances from the brilliant Keeley Hawes as you’ve never seen her before. Viewers were left yo-yoing back and forth; is she guilty or innocent? Is she playing everyone or is she being framed? Not to mention the shock death of Call The Midwife‘s Jessica Raine getting pushed out of a hospital window in episode 2.

2. True Detective


Another surprise performance came from Matthew McConaughey in the dark detective series True Detective. A murder story told over dual timelines. With Rust’s ever so quotable bleak (or potentially accurate depending on your viewpoint) view of the world made a perfect partnership with his irritated sidekick Marty (Woody Harrelson). The murder case itself is a slow-burn but the core focus is a partnership at odds.

1. Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Our number one goes to BBC One’s Happy Valley. Sally Wainwright waved her magic pen again to deliver a unique and gripping series that originally led viewers into a false sense of security thinking this would be a gentle heart-warming drama. How wrong we were! Stellar performances by Sarah Lancashire as no-nonsense Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood on the heels of violent kidnapper Tommy Lee Royce played by James Norton left us rooting for Caroline and gasping in terror as she lay near death on the road outside Tommy’s house.