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Meet Cisco’s Brother


The Flash‘s resident tech geek Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will be getting a visit from his brother as Sleepy Hollow‘s Nick Gonzalez is cast in the role.

Gonzalez will first appear on-screen in Episode 16, titled ‘Rogue Time’ playing Cisco’s handsome and charming older brother Dante Ramon, who is used to being the family favorite. Dante is a gifted pianist, but he never reached his potential and secretly resents Cisco’s success. When the brothers are thrust into extreme circumstances, Dante must rely on Cisco if they’re going to survive.

TV Line reports Peyton List (The Tomorrow People) will also appear in the same episode as Lisa Snart, the younger wild child sister of supervillain ‘Captain Cold’ Leonard Snart,  played by Wentworth Miller (Prison Break). Lisa is sly and a little sadistic and isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants – which poses trouble for Cisco when she sets her sights on him.

The Flash airs on Sky 1 on the UK and The CW in the US.

Carlos Valdes as Cisco