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Daniel stands his ground while Esther loses hers


Each episode of this magnificent series, The Mill, always brings shocks and surprises, and even an inch of excitement for when the next episode starts. Episode three kicks off with Daniel () battling to get as many votes as possible, and he tries his hardest to pull Peter to be on their side but sadly fails and lets him carry on as he continues to organise the Chartist Rally at Kersal Moor in Salford. Meanwhile the girls work out a plan to get back at Patience due to her bullying; and Esther and William’s relationship is out to the test. Will it last?

Of course I am going to praise this episode as I always do but for different reasons. Just like a young adult, Esther () is now struggling to live on her own and you can witness her getting drunk and waking up tired and dealing with boys and emotions but what I find brilliant about this, is John Fay writing has conveyed how relatable this is to everyone who lives in this day and age. So despite the fact that is a whole new different century, young people always go through the same things. Like is the fact that there’s a dodgy character, Patience (played brilliantly by Holly Kenny), who bullies the other girls. She was only introduced in the first episode for about 10 minutes and now as each episode moves along she’s appearing in it more and more. I’ll be looking forward to hearing her story and trying to work out on why she is the way she is, and what could have made her into this heartless character.

The love story between Peter (Sand Miriam (is very interesting because like I’ve said before they are acknowledging that the whole colour thing was an issue back then. But the love is so strong is between them, they don’t care. And I really hope it does work out for them because I absolutely love Peter and Miriam and their passion for one another.

People can learn a lot from watching The Mill and they can also learn that they are very lucky people to have what they have now, because back in them days, as we can see, they had nothing and people like Daniel stood his ground for the workers and continued to fight for them.