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‘The Mill’ sees a new arrival and heartbreaking departure


As we continue our journey through the golden series of The Mill, we come across an episode, worthy of Jeremy Kyle. In the space of an hour Esther is pregnant with William’s child and gives birth to a son. But because they’ve broken up, she finds it hard to face life as an improverished single parent. The Whittaker family also recieves some heartbreaking news about their son who is fighting in the war….

Meanwhile, we see a different and darker side to our much loved Daniel (Matthew McNulty) who ends up losing his temper and his hitting his beloved wife, which he later regrets. We also say a final farewell to Miriam Catterall (Sacha Parkinson) who sadly ends up being left heartbroken by Peter. Will he go after her after realising he’s made a mistake?

We’ve now come to learn that young Esther is not only struggling to learn to live on her own, but she is also coming face to face to becoming a single mother for the first time, which yet again is relative to a lot of people in this day and age. Every single actor that is in this programme are amazingly talented, but Kerrie Hayes’ performance as Esther Price is just breathtaking! You can see that Kerrie has worked so hard to portray the ‘rebel’ young girl who is slowly growing up, but yet still has her moments of being a menace but for the right reasons.

Writer John Fay has turned the tables around on some of this year’s characters and brought their darkness out for us to witness. For example, Daniel who is a lovely, heart on his sleeve kind of guy, turns nasty towards his wife Susannah because she wants to go back to work in the Mill with the girls. But he isn’t happy and lashes out towards her. Which he later on regrets, showing us that not everyone can be an angel.

And the same goes for Peter Gardner (Sope Dirisu), who breaks Miriam’s heart and says horrible things towards her to get her to leave. But yet as she leaves, you can tell by his teary eyes that he is going to miss her and the one person that truly made him happy. However, this also leads to this episodes downfall: Miriam’s departure from the show. Which I thought could have been improved by having everyone there to see her off. I really hope she comes back towards the last episode or even the next series (if there is one, which I hope there will be). They’ve left the doors open for her Miriam’s return so fingers cross she comes back. Her character is loved by a lot of people, It’s just a shame that there’s only two more episodes left of this brilliant piece of drama.