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Kieren (Luke Newberry) is conflicted about seeing Simon behind Amy’s back, and also frustrated by his cult leader persona around the adoring Undead of Roarton, as the zombie drama continues.

However, Simon (Emmett J Scanlan) proves how much he cares for Kieren by agreeing to go to Sunday lunch at the Walkers. Unfortunately, Amy (Emily Bevan) witnesses the loved-up pair en route to Kieren’s house and is crushed by their betrayal.

Sue (Marie Critchley) is shocked to discover Jem (Harriet Cains) has joined the newly established Roarton Protection Service (the HVF in all but name) instead of returning to school. Privately Jem has her own doubts too and after experiencing a terrifying vision in the woods, it’s all Gary can do to keep her together. The two of them turn to a drinking session in the Legion to set the world to rights. The Walker Sunday lunch starts well until a tipsy Jem and Gary descend on the meal. Gary deliberately dredges up his gory experiences during the Rising, provoking Kieren into a confession which sends shockwaves round the family – and astounds Simon.

Meanwhile, Philip (Stephen Thompson) can’t reconcile himself with Maxine’s questionable politics and the two go head-to-head. Philip is determined to do the right thing, until he realizes his penchant for Undead prostitutes is at risk of being exposed. He goes to extreme measures to keep his secret safe, but unable to stoop to Maxine’s level, is forced to witness his political aspirations come tumbling down around him. However, when Philip hits rock bottom, a silver lining is provided by an unexpected romantic encounter.

In The Flesh episode 4, airs on BBC Three on Sunday, 25 May at 10pm.

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