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Paul Whitehouse’ psychiatric nurse comedy gets BBC Two series


Paul Whitehouse‘s BBC Radio 4 comedy, Nurse is to be made into a brand new TV series for BBC Two.

The series stars Esther Coles as a community psychiatric nurse and Paul Whitehouse as many of her patients or their relatives. The series follows Elizabeth into the homes of her patients (or ‘service users’ in today’s jargon). It recounts their humorous, sad and often bewildering daily interactions with their nurse, whose job is to assess their progress, dispense medication and offer comfort and support.

The comedy is written by Paul Whitehouse and David Cummings, who also collaborated on The Fast Show, Down The Line and Happiness.

Paul Whitehouse: “It’s a real joy to be working on Nurse for TV as well as radio, and great to be doing so with Esther Coles, David Cummings and the rest of our great team.”