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Rev. returns but the future of the parish comes into question


Written by Luke Bigmore

I have to confess – I’ve only recently just got into Rev. and luckily managed to catch an earlier episode on UK Gold the other night ahead of this third series. The episode featured Richard E. Grant alongside Tom Hollander (reprising their collaboration in the 2013 film, About Time), in which Hollander seemed to make it his personal mission to be the most unpleasant character in film I’ve witnessed in a long time. So I was delighted to find him in far happier settings in Rev. as vicar, and new father to Katie, after Olivia Colman gives birth in traumatic circumstances in a taxi, in the opening moments. Fast forward ten months, and alongside nappy changing duties, Hollander has the chance to restore the playground he’s in with his daughter, with the help of Yussef (Kayvan Novak).

Suffice to say, he doesn’t contribute much to the grand total, but this opening episode was thoroughly enjoyable, with plenty of high points – Olivia getting a new job as Head of Legal Aid, a deflating bouncy castle, dodgy wiring, etc. And recurring character, Ellie Pattman (Lucy Liemann) providing the biggest laugh of the episode, with a rant about partner Chris: “When he reads, his mouth moves, but now every time he does it, I just want to punch him in the face.” And: “What kind of a person has tomato ketchup on everything?”

It’s definitely worth persisting with this gem, although the recurring character of Mick has some way to go to get me on board. He was also in the UK Gold episode I caught the other night, and we caught a brief glimpse of him again here as well. He’s apparently a popular character and has even been nominated for Best TV Comedy Performance. Lets just say I’m glad serial panel show favourite, Miles Jupp is still here to lend support.