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Following the shocking revelation about Gillian’s past, Celia reassures Alan that he had no option but to keep Gillian’s secret. Isn’t it what all parents would do?

Later on, Alan receives some sad news – his best friend Maurice has died. The passing of a dear friend makes Alan and Celia see the importance of those closest to them and, as a result, they decide to hold a wedding ceremony, this time with all of the people they love, in honour of Maurice.

Kate’s touched when Caroline takes her to a romantic hotel for her birthday. Is Caroline finally ready to go public with their relationship? But tension mounts for the couple when Greg shows up – the man who Kate wants to father her child. Caroline doesn’t take to him; in fact, she loathes him. Undeterred, Kate is determined to go through with her plan, but at what cost?

Meanwhile, there’s further family drama at the farm, as John decides a trip to visit his beloved Gillian is in order. He tells her about his new idea for a novel but soon after a furious Judith turns up, accusing him of plagiarism. She proceeds to spill the beans to Robbie that Gillian and John have slept together. Robbie remains calm for a second before landing a punch on John. Will he ever be able to forgive Gillian’s betrayal?

Last Tango In Halifax episode 4 airs on Tuesday, 10 December at 9pm on BBC One.

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