Moray’s scheming has adverse consequences for Katherine and Denise, as The Paradise continues.

Tom Weston is furious to see that Moray has set up a display of pocket watches which might steal attention away from his own new department. When he sees Ladieswear buzzing from Denise’s latest innovation he asks her to spend time in other departments to make improvements.

Persisting with Fenton’s plan to reignite their intimacy, Moray asks Katherine if he can use her father’s watch as a centrepiece for their display, but she refuses. Moray is riled to learn Tom has been favouring Denise, fearing she is being used as a pawn, but is soon distracted as Katherine changes her mind about the watch. She reveals to Moray that although her father intended it to be a gift for her husband, she refrained from giving it to Tom because she felt it would always belong to Moray.

Sam, the proud vendor of the new pockets watches, is mesmerised by the Glendenning watch and Katherine’s stories of how her father used to ‘hypnotise’ her. Susy is wide eyed when Sam tells her this and insists he hypnotises her with it, with disastrous effect. As Sam avoids Susy’s ‘hypnotic’ advances, he starts to wonder if the watch is truly bewitched.

Jonas begins to reel Tom in even closer and Tom, oblivious to Jonas’ duplicity, orders him to report on Moray’s movements. Jonas suggests to Moray that they deploy the truth of the watch to antagonise Tom, but Moray is reluctant to play games.

However, when Tom invites Moray and Denise to dine at Belville Hall and reveals plans to send Denise to Paris, Moray is furious. He begs Denise not to go and instructs Jonas to tell Tom the truth, oblivious to the consequences his actions will have for both Katherine and Denise.

The Paradise, episode 5 airs on Sunday, 17 November at 8pm on BBC One.

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