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The Paradise, episode 5 airs on Sunday, 17 November at 8pm on BBC One.

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You know the kind of man he is as well as I do Clara.

It might be nothing – but its my nothing.

Loyalty is not a one way track.

It makes my skin crawl to do this.

There’s a name for that – It’s called temptation. Thing is lad to resist it.

Think I have a heart of soap? Still don’t know me Denise…

Have you noticed… we have fallen into to promenading along the street like we used to?

I am very fortunate to work with John.

How do you know… about my time in the army?

The more polite your tongue, the more slippery your are at avoiding my questions.

Slow down. You’re not in love with me; nothing happened.

If you pity the man, you will never defeat him!