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A face from the past!



The Paradise episode 4 airs on BBC One, on Sunday, 10 November at 8pm.

Check out the teasers below:

“I used to tell her: It’s the coffee but she wouldn’t have it.”

“I don’t even like kippers.”

“Will that do you Mr Jonas? Feel better now you’ve peered into another dark corner of this world?”

“I’m a rag next to them. I’m fit for the farmyard.”

“Do I look like a madam to you?”

“So much dazzle; Sounds positively garish!”

“If your schemes can be admitted in good conscience then you will tell me.”

“He asked to put his name on my dance card for the last waltz, but I told him I was all spoken for.”

“There are things we believe we cannot bare. But we can bare them. We do bare them!”

“Get back to the gutter you came from.”

“I prefer to honour the tradition that has been observed down the years.”

“I have the funds you have the means…”