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Colman returning as DS Miller


Olivia Colman has confirmed that she will be starring in the second series of Broadchurch.

Colman confirmed her return as Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller during a Q&A session today (5th Nov), at the launch of new BBC1 two-part drama, 7:39. After consulting her agent replied: “Yes, I will be doing it,” adding it was “set in stone” she also said she will not be joining David Tennant in the US remake.

The Bafta-winning actress also revealed she chooses her roles based on the quality of the script,
“I’ve always enjoyed my work and I’m lucky to be doing it – yes, I feel lucky.”. She also admitted that she recently turned down a role in which she plays a victim of domestic violence who ends up killing herself.

“I thought, I have done four in a row [of dramas like this], that’s enough.”

The 7.39 is a love story from One Day writer David Nicholls, and tells the story of two disillusioned commuters on the 7.39 train played by David Morrissey and Sheridan Smith who start an affair. Colman stars as Maggie, the wronged wife of Morrissey’s character

“Maggie is an innocent really,” said Colman. “She is trying to make sense of her husband changing.”

Colman has also recently begun filming the third series of BBC Two comedy Rev, starring Tom Hollander.

The 7.39 is due to air this Christmas on BBC One. Broadchurch is written by Chris Chibnall and attracted a peak audience of 8.9 million viewers for series 1. Series 2 airs on ITV in 2014.