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As the BAFTA-winning series continues, we join Alan and Celia at their romantic but secret nuptials.

Having discovered the registry card, Gillian races to the service, as she simply can’t believe Alan and Celia have gone ahead without inviting their nearest and dearest. As she interrupts the ceremony, her outburst unnerves Celia but Alan is determined to carry on. Will they tie the knot?

Later, back at the farm, Gillian apologises for over-reacting but her temper gets the better of her and she lashes out at Celia, making Alan deeply upset.

Raff has some shocking news to share with his mum – his girlfriend, Ellie, is eight months pregnant. Gillian is appalled as she doesn’t want Raff to quit school. Things get even more dramatic when Alan and Celia arrive to meet Ellie just as she goes into labour.

Alan tells Celia that he’ll have to help Raff out financially, as he wants him to focus on school and not worry about getting a job to support the baby. Celia respects his decision but makes it clear that she’ll have to help Caroline out financially as she wants to buy the house from John.

John’s situation isn’t particularly rosy either as his publisher has decided to drop him, which adds to his financial woes. Caroline has a big question for Kate: will she sell her house so she can buy John out? Kate’s amazed but pleased that Caroline wants to move so quickly, but will this be the only life-changing decision that the couple has to consider?

Last Tango In Halifax continues Tuesday, 26 November at 9pm on BBC One.

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