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A new BBC One trailer for heist-drama, ‘The Great Train Robbery’ – written by Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) has been unveiled.

The two 90-minute films titled: A Robber’s Tale‘ and ‘A Copper’s Tale‘ will explore two different perspectives on the infamous heist of The Great Train Robbery.

Chibnall described the two films to Inside Media Track as, “one from the view of Bruce Reynolds, the leader of the robbers and how he put together the gang and organised the heist, and then the second is with with Jim Broadbent about Tommy Butler who’s the head of the flying squad investigation and how he put his team together and how he tracked down the robbers.”

A Robber’s Tale stars, Luke Evans (as Bruce Reynolds), Jack Roth, Neil Maskell, Paul Anderson, Martin Compston, Del Synnott and Jack Gordon.

Watch the trailer below…