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Sally Wainwright‘s BAFTA-winning series, Last Tango In Halifax returns to BBC One for a second series on Tuesday, 19 November at 9pm. Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid return in their roles as love struck septuagenarians Alan and Celia, who rediscover their love for each other later in life, 60 years after they first met.

It’s the first episode and we pick up from where we left off with Alan regaining consciousness from his heart scare, much to Celia’s relief and delight. She promises to never fall out with him again and reflecting that life’s too short, they decide to get married… in just a fortnight’s time!

Things between Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) and John (Tony Gardner) become fractious when Caroline returns home to find John and Judith (Ronni Ancona) drunk and in her bed. To retaliate, she invites Kate (Nina Sosyana) to move in. She won’t be made a gooseberry in her own home. And finding out that he slept with Gillian adds to her distain.

Gillian (Nicola Walker) and Alan’s relationship takes a hit when he finds out she’s slept with John. It’s one disappointment after another. In the heat of the moment he reveals to Celia that Gillian had an abortion when she was 15. Two weeks later, Gillian finds the registry card with a reminder of the wedding date and it’s today! Why hasn’t she been invited? Gillian grabs her keys, but can she get there in time?

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