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A fool for love!


Six episodes in and we FINALLY get an interesting character thanks to Lucy Cohu‘s Circe; The witch with a bit of wit may make Jason that little bit more interesting.

Hercules is forlorn, thinking he’s a fool to believe that Medusa would ever be interested in him romantically. His pride knocked even more losing in a fight and hearing his friends discuss his infatuation. When a man tells him of a witch who may be able to help him, Hercules goes in search of her hidden in the mountains. The powerful witch named Circe, a recluse scarred on the one side of her face offers him an enchantment but fails to tell him of the imminent consequence when he uses it.

Initially Hercules gets his wish but then Medusa is struck down with an illness; her body covered in rashes. Realising his mistake, Hercules returns to Circe only to find out it was an elaborate plan to lure Jason, knowing he and Pythagorus would go in search of their friend. When Jason arrives we learn that Circe will only help undo her magic if he kills her sister Queen Pasiphae, who has cursed her with the life she now leads. Promptly marking his arm so that his injuries serve as a reminder of his oath, Jason has little choice to save his friends.

I’m a little confused as to why if Circe is so powerful she cannot use her magic on her sister? Is Pasiphae more powerful than her? I know the writers don’t want to give too much away and are perhaps leaving us a breadcrumb trail but I don’t think the crumb we’re getting is enough to survive anyone.

I really wish they’d drop the Medusa / Hercules storyline it’s really not working. Medusa is such an interesting character in legend but she’s currently only serving to move the plot along or be the damsel in distress. As always Jemima Rooper can only work with what she’s given. The quieter moments of the episode between Jason and Pythagorus and the Circe were the better parts.

I don’t want to keep each week dragging down Atlantis. Currently its a ‘meh’ show for me. Can it really get some direction before the end of series one? Will someone please remind me what’s the goal here? Lucy Cohu’s character would have been better introduced in episode 2, bringing some much needed intrigue and darkness to proceeding but with a sense of humour and giving us a clear path to burden Jason on his quest for…? Who knows.

Line of the week has to go to Pythagorus with: “There’s much to be said for triangles”.

Clanger of the week has to be Jason’s: “Don’t worry old friend we’ll save your bacon.” when faced with Hercules the pig.